Make your first donation of 08 count for tax year 07

January 1, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Its 2008  right now but you just woke up and realized you donated $10 online instead of the $1,000 you wanted to give away in order to maximize your tax benefit.  Damn those fuzzy navels!  You can still fix this, first take a Tylenol and drink some water.  Now rummage through your purse or briefcase and pull out your checkbook.  Its that rectangle looking sheaf with many papers inside.  Write out your check and date it 12/31/07.  If you drop this in the mail on Wednesday morning you can still count your donation as calender year 2007 at most charities.

Most charities will leave the “book” open for a week or so as those straggling 07 checks come in.  The charity I work for and many others will process these checks dated 12/31/07 and received in the new year as an 2007 c