About Me

As I am sure you can tell already my name is Josh Smith.

I have trouble turning down exciting opportunities and love to experiment with new social network tools and services to see how they can apply to a higher education and non profit world.

Data - My day job is as Advancement Services Manager at a small liberal arts university, where I manage our alumni database, work on young alumni matters and handle other technology related matters for my area of the University.

Teach - I am also an adjunct teacher in the EBA department at the same University where I teach Introduction to Information Systems, E-commerce  and other courses which relate to technology and business.

Blog - On top of these two wonderful commitments I also write about personal finance and other consumer issues at WalletPop.com. WalletPop is a member of the Weblogs Inc Network which is owned by AOL. I hope you’ll take the time to read a few of my recent articles including interviews and informative guides for everything from selling your own house to getting the best deals on Black Friday.

Following yet another passion I have been writing for Notebooks.com since July 2009 covering mobile technology including phones, software and notebooks. As part of this experience I will also be covering CES2010 and other technology related events and news.