Debit Card for Your 401K

February 1, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Flickr: Martin Eian

Following on the heals of yesterdays $50 Mastercard I found out about a debit card which is just as much a stinker. Reserve Solutions Inc. rolled out a new debit card solution a few years ago which it has just begun marketing recently. Normally debit cards aren’t so bad, you are using money you already have and so long as you can avoid ATM fees the overall cost is low. Reserve Solutions debit card dubbed the ReservePlus debit card lets you borrow against your current 401k. Let that sink in, you are going to borrow against your retirement to handle your day to day expenses. This is such a horrendous idea I am struggling to find a appropriate metaphor.

Nevermind that you are dipping into the money that is supposed to carry you from employment to the grave, the penalties on these withdrawals has to negate the amount the temporary benefit of using this money. The card allows for plan participants to withdraw from their retirement plan and pay interest on that money. This arrangement sounds oddly like a secured credit card.

As a young person it bothers me that the company i