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About Me

As I am sure you can tell already my name is Josh Smith.

I live and work in Northwest Ohio.

My fascination with technology apart from the standard fare console games can be linked to one point in history: The release of Terminal Velocity by 3d Realms, it ran on our 486DX computer for which I begged for months hoping for that DOS goodness.

I gained my obsession with caffeine through Mountain Dew filled nights of gaming starting on the Nintendo systems later progressing to Sega(Genesis, Dreamcast), Microsoft(Xbox and Xbox 360) and Sony(PSP).

By day I manage a Raisers Edge database and work in MS Access and Crystal Reports for Bluffton University.

I also own with two other Bluffton University graduates. Our company started out as a local auction site and has transformed into a Student moving and storage solution.

I am also currently enrolled in the MBA Program at Bluffton University.