The Ultimate Samsung SCH i760 Information Resource

Release Dates Per verizon:

October 19, 2007 Online, Telesales, B2B
November 2, 2007 In Stores


Full Retail $519

With 2 Year Contract: $399

Discounts Applicable - You may not be applicable for all of these.

  • Mail In Rebate $50
  • New Every 2 $100
  • Online Discount (?) $100
  • Advance Device Discount $100

Users of are reporting prices as low as $99 before the $50 MIR!

It’s that time of year when cellular contracts are coming to an end and new phones are leaking to the internet. The phone which will replace my trusty Samsung SCHi730 is the Samsung SCH i760. The Samsung SCH i760 is expected to be released late June or Early July (confirmed as much as possible by various other sources as well) and based on past pda/phone prices will likely debut for around $500 (*though some insiders estimate a lower $299 with contract price) with a two year contract on Verizon Wireless. The phone will run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 professional.

Samsung i760 donation image

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Now for all of the details about the Samsung SCH i760

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