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Avoid All Pro Football 2k8

July 23rd, 2007 · 7 Comments

As much as it pains me to say this All Pro Football 2k8 need to go back to 2k Sports for finishing touches. I am a diehard 2k5 football fan and I cannot even fathom the sick individuals who think Madden 07 was a worthwhile game on any system but APF 2k8 falls short in all the wrong places. The kicking setup on the game has an incredibly high learning curve and is not very easy to use since it is often difficult to tell when the kicker’s foot is approaching the ball. This is key because due to the quarterback not throwing when you want him to on way too many occasions you will find yourself facing too many 4th and 3 situations. The running game works well and other than a few time when linebackers seemed to move with the speed of a wild hyena on crack, running is an enjoyable experience. Occasionally you can get a breakaway pass or run you are faced with what feels like “catchup mode” and the D is on you like ants on molasses. I really hope I can pick up 2k9 next year and be blown away. Unless Madden felt the heat from early 2k8 rumblings and kicked it into high gear this will be another rent for 2 weeks iteration of next gen football, which is really sad. I cna only hope with a year back under their belt 2k Sports will put out an amazing 2k9 and Peter Moore will get in to EA Sports, kick some asses into gear and put out a decent football came.

Can Anyone put out a “next gen” football game? It has been almost two years and I have yet to see one.

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