TechFellas: If Goodfellas Were In IT

December 11, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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19th & Wilson, an independent film company from Virginia have created several IT related spoofs of Martin Scorsese films including; The Department and TechFellas.  The team recently caught up with Scorsese as he was honored at the Kennedy Center and presented him with copies of the parodies.  Unlike many rights holders Scorsese was thrilled with the parodies and the gesture exclaiming, “This is hilarious!”.

Below you will see TechFellas on Youtube and the trailer for The Department.  Both are also available on DVD for $10 each.


YouTube Preview Image

The Department Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

I found both of these hilarious and I’ll have to remember them when the local theatre has it’s next independent film festival, which I should be assisting with.

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