Movies…The Beginings of Great Flicks

December 17, 2007 by Josh · 1 Comment
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This morning several movies shared their beginings with the world.  I am planning on seeing all of them.   Unfortunately I Am Legend’s opening scene is stuck in Yahoo Movies and Cloverfield’s first 5 minutes are embeddable in about anything other than Wordpress or plain html (good job guys).  The Dark Knight’s opening minutes are in HD so I’ll forgive the creators for not having a embeddable version.

I am Legend Small

Opening Scene of I Am Legend - Yahoo Movies

Plan to see before 12/31/07

Cloverfield poster

First 5 Minutes of Cloverfield - Slashfilm

Additional Interview with director

Plan to  see opening weekend

Dark knight Small

First 2 Minutes of Dark Knight - A Taste for Theatrical

Plan to see within 2 weeks of opening


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  1. Jason Cox says:

    Just saw “I Am Legend” lastnight, it’s pretty good but not one of Will Smith’s best in my opinion. (The story could have been better explained.) Lots of action and pretty freaky in parts. The sweeetest part of the movie is that GT-500 in the beginning - my Dad just got one that’s IDENTICAL! The movie would have been much better with more scenes featuring the Mustang!

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