How To Implement Low Pressure Auto Sales

February 3, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Jeep Key With Autostart

The auto sales industry is often known for the high pressure sales tactics. The low pressure atmosphere of regional auto shows can lead to increased sales for local dealers due to the relaxed nature of experiencing many different cars. I think dealers could replicate this by allowing individuals to check out their entire stock without a watchful eye and constant blathering. Imagine if you arrived at the dealer’s lot and were handed a keyfob and blank key and told to press a button on the fob if you want an employee to come help you out with a car. This would be a benefit to the dealer due to the psychological benefit of walking around the lot with a new key!

While I’m here, dealers, if I give you my email and ask for information about a specific car you should not send me 4 emails saying how awesome your dealership is and leave me two phone messages before you have replied about my initial request.  It’s bad form.

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