Skooba Design Makes Awesome Bag Straps

March 30, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
Filed under: Tech 

I got a new Targus bag from Staples a few weeks ago and my only complaint was the poorly designed shoulder strap.  Thankfully my wife got me a Superbungee Strap from Skooba Design and BAM totally transformed my messenger bag!  The strap from Skooba Design is so comfortable i had to fight with the cottonelle puppy to leave for work in the morning.  I only need to haul my bag for short distances but I can’t imagine carrying it on any serious commute without a Skooba Design Superbungee strap!  The strap has a bungee in the top portion which helps support the weight of a 4th edition strategy book so you don’t throw your back out getting an MBA.  Anything that can make taking a step towards a desk for 8 hours enjoyable is well worth it and right now Skooba has 15% off all shoulder straps.

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