Keybrid: Not Your Father’s Keyring (and Holder)

October 8, 2009 by Josh · 1 Comment
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There are two things I’m rarely satisfied with for very long; laptop bags and keychains. Given the number of gadgets I keep on my person, which has grown greatly now that I am blogging for, I am constantly looking for a place to put my keys or a way to cut down on the bulk it adds to my pockets.

I saw a cool new key in Wired that isn’t just amazing and practical but it’s also affordable. Meet the Split Ring Key or the Keybrid.


This cool keyring is also a key which saves you space and is just plain cool. When you purchase the Keybrid, 2 for $7, you get key blanks that can be cut at almost any key cutter. This is the best technology to come to keys since the first time someone added lock/unlock buttons to the actual key.


If your keychain is this slick looking you better have somewhere cool to hang it so why not get the Magnetic Keychain Holder from ThinkGeek? No more trying to find a hook in the dark or not lifting up enough and tearing a chunk of plaster off your wall! With the $13 Magnetic Key hanger you’ll never be troubled with the need for accuracy again. It can even hold keys that come fully loaded with a remote control and various other odds and ends.


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  1. wow! that is cool. I would love to have that keyring.