Man can Fly! Base Jumping with a wing suit

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Watch this full screen for the full effect.

You need to see this cool video of some dudes base jumping and flying literally within inches of the ground. Your heart will pump just watching this!

New design on

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I took a little time this past week and adopted a new design for Josh Smith Online. I’ve trimmed some of the fat and tweaked the Revolution 2 Theme “Code Gray” to fit my needs. Code Gray is available for free as part of the new Revolution Open Source package but also offers paid support packages if you need help with the innards.

I’m pleased with the new presentation and think it provides a more professional look and easier navigation.

I’m curious to know what you think! Leave your suggestions and comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

I won the ICAA Newcomer award

August 3, 2008 by Josh · 1 Comment
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Last week was a busy week. Amber and I took a trip to Ft. Wayne to visit some friends and had a great time. We even “won” their daughter in a bowling match! Shortly after that I went to Maumee Bay State Park for an ICAA conference where I was in charge of A/V for the conference with the help of some great people from Ohio Northern. The conference was great and I presented a session about Technology for traveling professionals. The session went well even if I did have to contend with some other great speakers during the time slot.

Thursday nite, ICAA, the Independent College Advancement Associates, had their 50th anniversary celebration and the annual awards ceremony. At the ceremony I won the ICAA Newcomer Award, which is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to their functional area. I was extremely excited to win the award for my work with our database at Bluffton University and my work with young alumni at our institution.

Well, I just wanted to brag a little, tommorow I have to go back to work and get a phonathon pull ready!

Glad my car started this morning!

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Yesterday we went up to the new Bass Pro shop in Rossford, Ohio near Toledo, but before we took off I had my dad take a listen to a new noise my car was making. We decided to check out the spark plugs after we got back from stocking up on fishing supplies.

We had a fun day at Bass Pro and then enjoyed lunch at the Granite Counter at Fallen Timbers which had excellent food as well as a a wonderful summer ale. We also took in a showing of Hancock which was way different than what I expected but, very enjoyable.

Anyway, we got back and after checking my sparkplugs found one to be very loose! Unfortunately tightening it didn’t solve the problem as the threads were worn out. We quickly located a thread repair kit at Autozone and proceeded to spend several hours re-threading the spark plug socket and after some cursing and some innovation on our part had the car re-assembled where it sat until this morning so that the sealant could cure.

Thankfully the engine turned over and after a rough start ran pretty smoothly during my limited test run. Lets hope that it stays that way, otherwise I’ll need to find a new ride, something like a Jeep Wrangler.

Graduation Day at Bluffton University!

May 4, 2008 by Josh · 1 Comment
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I just got home from graduation today at Bluffton University! I received my Masters degree in business administration after 2 years of hard work with some great classmates. I can’t wait to have my Tuesday nites back! I am already looking forward to spending more time with Amber, more time blogging and enjoying some more video games.

I am also looking forward to teaching my first class this fall at Bluffton. I will be teaching a business course, Introduction to Information Systems, It is a 300 level course which meets two days a week. It is really great because the class content hooks into my daily job at Bluffton as well and it is highly applicable to the real world. I hope the students will enjoy it. I need to start soliciting for textbooks from the publishers so that I can find the right one to use. I don’t think I will be able to to make a major change in text books but I hope that by the next time I teach a course I can use something digital and or open source!

Josh Status Update

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I hope at least someone enjoyed my April fools joke rickrolling you via a Trillian Astra download link.  In all seriousness I am looking forward to the release of Trillian Astra, and wish I could get in on the Alpha right now.  I’d pony up for Trillian Pro but I don’t feel like repaying when Astra is released and no upgrade path has been announced to my knowledge.  If you are with Trillian and want another tablet tester drop me a line!

Updates may be sparse or less lengthy as I pull into the homestretch of my MBA program at Bluffton University.  I will be wrapping up my final class on April 29th and cannot wait!  April 29th is also the same day that GTA 4 comes out so I’ll be taking the 30th off to get knee deep in Liberty City.

What are my plans after graduation you ask?  I am planning on staying on at Bluffton and I hope to get involved a  little more with Young Alumni cultivation and I also hope to use some of my new-found free time to blog more.

Weather To Foul Ohio Elections?

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With horrendous weather on the way for my area of Ohio I have to wonder what will happen to the election if the local Sheriff declares a level 3 emergency.  When a level 3 is declared by local law enforcement only necessary personnel are allowed to travel, basically doctors, nurses, road cleaning crews.  In such a hyped election with anticipated record turnout for a primary in Ohio one has to wonder what would happen if the weather prevented the election form happening.  I’m not talking about people sitting at home due to some raindrops but from the local Sheriff essentially ordering people to not vote!  Granted I have only been voting for a few elections but I haven’t encountered as severe a storm as they are predicting for tonite.

I’ll be interested to see how the primary plays out in Ohio if the weather is bad enough to warrant road and school closings.  Anyone out there with more years of experience know what happens to the election in the event that being on the road is enough to earn you a ticket.  Now if only I could remember, was the Sheriff wearing a Hillary or an Obama button?  Hmmm…

Making A City Out of Eggs

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An artist who is particularly adept at stacking eggs has created a cityscape out of stacked eggs. I don’t know who this is or how he does it but it is amazing and eggciting.

Cityscape made of Eggs

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