Servers, Fark, and Me

February 12, 2006 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Friday my site had over 25,000 visitors with the majority arriving in a 12 hour time span.

The reason for such a high influx was my study about the Frequency of Profanity in Halo 2.

The visitors poured in from several places but the majority came from, followed by and amongst many others.

During the period of 12 PM to 2 PM My site had ~2.5-3 GB of traffic.

The amount flowing in was so much that my hosting company suspended me for possibility of abuse. It seems thier server load was around 19 during that time. The tech said it is normally near 1, and should top at at 10. The server was crashing as soon as Apache would reboot, taking down 30 or so other sites which were on the shared server. Thankfully through some quick thinking of friend Tobias Buckell, who reccomended that I move the pictures to and create a static page since the constant database activity was killing the server.

Thanks for coming to check out my study and my site. Check back tomorow for how to fix an HO2 error with a Panasonic DVD-RV41 DVD player.

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