Dead Rising Demo Available

August 5, 2006 by Josh · Leave a Comment
Filed under: Misc. 

In case you haven’t caught the newsflash a Dead Rising Demo hit XBL this afternoon.  I am currently downloading it, the whole GB of it.  I wish I could get a text message alert when a new demo is released on XBL.  I have the usual RSS reader set up however on a busy day you don’t find out about these releases until shortly after midnight.  I am starting to enjoy the new trend of XBLA title on Wednesday and a decent demo hitting at within the week.  These Friday demo releases still catch me off guard.  Also Welcome back Joystiq readers of the Halo 2 Profanity study.  I will be back in Halo 2 after about a 4 month break starting next week, so watch for that level as well as f bombs to drop.

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