Transfer Music to TELUS 8600 Chocolate Flip

March 6, 2008 by Josh · 3 Comments
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A commenter in my popular post about transferring music to the LG 8500 and LG 8600 on Verizon has shared how to transfer music to your Telus 8600.

for telus people, take ur mini me card, stick it in the card reader USB port adapter thing, use windows media player and sync music to it, it will put it in wrong folder BUT rename the folder it put it in as “MY_MUSIC” very important, now umm go explore that folder and they put a bunch of sub folders in there like band name, record label, and stuff, copy the synced song out of those sub folders and place it strictly under “my_music” folder, and delete all sub folders dadada, HOLD THE PLAY BUTTON on the touch interface and the stupid record lemon player will show, playing ur music, and take it from there, good luck

Thanks Mark man!