Tul Pen Overload!

February 14, 2008 by Josh · 35 Comments
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I got home to work today to find a load of Tul pens! You may remember the awesome handwriting analysis that the Tul website is running right now from previous coverage here. Well recently I was contacted by the ad agency that created the handwriting analysis campaign and they provided a little background on Andy Bobrow the “Dr” who analyzes your handwriting at Tul.com. He is famous for his work with Malcom in the Middle and for a spoof documentary, The old negro space program, in which if you will, or if I may say he is really quite hilarious.

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Boing Boing Sponsorship Confusion

February 13, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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I found the following set of advertisements humorous as I read Boing Boing in Google Reader Earlier today.

Its nice to see Windows Mobile and Palm playing well together!