Review: AntiPoleez gets rid of beer breath!

June 12, 2008 by Josh · 4 Comments
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A week or so a package arrived from AntiPoleez, makers of a product which removes the odor of alcohol, tobacco and garlic from your breath. In my experience mints, freshened my breath but they still left a distinct odor of alcohol. These lozenges did a great job of removing offending odors from my breath. For a little bit more about the product I’ll share the following from their website,

AntiPoleez eliminates bad breath resulting from consumption of alcohol, tobacco and food. Unlike breath fresheners and gum AntiPoleez does not just mask the unwanted odor with heavy mint or fruit scent, it eliminates it and does not leave any other. The unique combination of components work to increase the consumption of breath producing molecules by the epithelium of the mucous coat of the upper respiratory passages resulting in clean, fresh breath.

It’s not the best association but you can think of it like Oust for your mouth.

I have tried the AntiPoleez on several occasions and based on my unscientific tests, aka asking my wife if I still smell of any of the offending odors, it works! The first test I put the breath freshener through was a sub covered in spicy mustard and onions. I was pleased with the ability of the lozenges to quickly remove the lingering taste in my mouth and to dull the bad breath associated with eating lots of onions.

I also tried the lozenges on several occasions to remove the odor of alcohol from my breath. For these challenges I chose to drink beer and see how well it removed the odor from my breath. I found that it did a great job of pulling the alcohol odor off of my breath, and leaving my mouth tasting, well like I hadn’t been drinking. I think I enjoy the mouth cleaning properties of the lozenges almost as much as its ability to remove the alcohol odor from my breath. As far as the taste of taste of AntiPoleez, it doesn’t taste bad but it won’t be winning any awards for flavor. I’d place it somewhere between licorice and cough drop with menthol.

Since I don’t smoke I wasn’t able to try out the tobacco removal portion of the lozenges but based on the performance I had I would imagine it would perform admirably there as well.

On a final note and really the only downside, while the lozenge does a great job of stripping the offending odors from your breath, it didn’t always leave me with “Tic Tac” fresh breath. This isn’t a deal breaker for me as the bad odors were gone which is all I was looking for. If I wanted to get kissably fresh breath I’d be popping some mints anyway.

AntiPoleez is avialable online starting at $2.99 a pack with discounts for larger quantities. It should also be on store shelves soon. I highly recommend you pick a pack up, if only to be amazed at how good it actually works. Remember don’t drink and drive!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a review sample of this product, but don’t worry if it sucked I’d tell you.