Dear Hollywood, Stop Making Spoof Movies

June 19, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Back in 2000 when Keenen Wayans decided to make Scary Movie, I wonder if he knew the hell he would unleash upon moviegoers worldwide. While Scary Movie wasn’t horrible and some would even argue good, it had a huge breadth of material to pull from, in fact over 100 years worth of horror films. Unfortunately the film grossed 42 million on opening weekend assuring the world of numerous sequels and spinoffs. Seriously who spins off a spoof movie to spoof another segment.

This horse has long since died! Please stop beating it and expecting cash, all that comes out now is utter shite. I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a magical place you can share your crappy spoof compilations of fart jokes, Dr. Phil sing alongs and stereotypes; it’s called Please stop invading my moviegoing experience with your horrid trailers. You can use the Internet and play to the lowest common denominator just as well and for 1/8th of the budget. You don’t need big names for a spoof movie, hell I saw 8 people last week who could have passed for the main character in the first Scary Movie, and once you get past that you’d be better off having the bums from BumFight star in your spoof film.

Would spoofing a Spoof of you not making a spoof movie, make a spoof movie not happen? I don’t know but please, give it a try.