All I Want for Christmas is a JIMI

November 25, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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JIMI CollageShortly after I got my first job at Bluffton I was trying to find a way to hold the slew of cards I was carrying as well as some cash without pulling a George Costanza.  One of the options I found was the JIMI wallet which is a perfect front pocket wallet.  The JIMI is able to hold a good number of cards as well as cash.  One cool aspect of the JIMI is that when you pay for stuff, people always notice the cool wallet you have.  Though this can lead to having to explain why you have a JIMI in your hands to a 60 year old lady, most times though it is a cool conversation.

Right now there is a sale on JIMIs and you can Buy 4 get 1 free.  That means, One for you, one for your significant other, one for your kid, one for your dog and one free you can send to your favorite blogger. The JIMI store also has some cool SD card and Nintendo DS holders. The JIMI comes with a 2 year warranty and the company has been great when I had the ID clip snap after a year and a half.  With one email I was sent free of charge a new ID Holder/Clip.  This would make a great Christmas gift for loads of different people but especially teens and college students.