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January 15, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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The new cyber thriller, Untraceable, coming out January 25th features a Killer who has hooked his victims up to a device which kills them quicker based on the number of users visiting the site which runs a streaming video of the unfortunate soul. The FBI warns the public to stay away from the site and BOOM, the victim is dead in a snap. While this situation is far out I wonder what the Digg Effect would be on this type of scenario. You can leave your thoughts in the Poll below.

Would you visit a site if the additional visit/bandwidth killed someone quicker?

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Personally I think the Digg community would be too interested to stay away but some enterprising user will use some web hackery to grab the video and put up a mirror which would either go unregistered or register as one user on the “death machine”. From the knowledge I have seen in the Digg community if such an event would really happen I wouldn’t be surprised to see several users deputized after they assisted the search for said bad guy.