Anthro eNook: What an Apartment Desk Should be

November 7, 2005 by Josh · 6 Comments
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In the latest Macworld magazine I saw an advertisement for the eNook by Anthro. This cool shelf/nook/desk holds your stuff, laptop, wallet, pda cell phone ipod. and charges them, all While taking up minimal space. You can even lock the cabinet. Come to think of it these would be great in college Dorm rooms, A space saver with additional security.

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This product looks amazing and is only $399. While 400 bucks is too expensive for me I think it is cheap enough to attract people who have an iPod, cell Phone, pda, and laptop PC, which describes me except I have student loans, and those do not fit in the eNook.

More info and how to order at


6 Responses to “Anthro eNook: What an Apartment Desk Should be”
  1. Izkata says:

    Now all it needs is a tackboard on the outside. Although you could aways just tape stuff up, or use sticky stuff to put a smaller tackboard on it..

  2. Josh says:


    Great idea, I bet with a little planning you could attach one.

    I’ve seen some similar creations at Ikea but they are all out of my price range for now. Especially since I have a netbook that stows anywhere with ease.

  3. Bea says:

    Having something ready to charge anything at all times is wasteful of electricity (vampire electronics). Any device needing charging should only be plugged in when necessary.

  4. Josh says:


    Since everything is plugged into a power strip you can easily unplug all of the chargers when you don’t need them. Problem solved.

  5. Supermance says:

    just awesome, i want to buy it !

  6. these look amazing, they would save a lot of space.