I Lowered my Citicard APR and So Can You

April 8, 2007 by Josh · 2 Comments
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Well, since my knee surgery and the associated expenses are more than we have in savings we will need to put them on a credit card while taking several steps to pay them down quickly.

My first step was to call Citi to get a lower rate. It took 3 calls before I reached Darnell who was able to transfer me to Amber an “Account Specialist”.

I had explained to Darnell that I had been a Citi customer in good standing and had a credit score in the high 700′s and that I would liek a lower APR even for a short period of time. On the previous calls I had been told that 13.74% was the lowest they could go on my account. Miraculously the account specialist was able to offer me 7.99% for 9 months.

Granted carrying any debt on a credit card is less than awesome, but sometimes expenses happen, in this case an unexpected knee surgery and a high deductible.  The plan is to be out of CC debt by the end of this promo period!


2 Responses to “I Lowered my Citicard APR and So Can You”
  1. Greg says:

    Well good for you…I just got them to lower my APR to 11.99% just a Month ago (which they stated was the lowest they could go…), and I guess this depends on on who you are talking to there and who YOU are…(good credit standing or no..).
    Anyway. I just got a letter recently basically telling me that they are RAISING the APR to 17.99% but that I could OPT OUT if I so choose.
    Unfortunatally, should you opt out, they will simply CANCEL my account and demand the full bal. due. Now I have a excellent history of payments with Citi but I will be d%#@ed if I am going to go along with this strong arm tactic they are pulling. I mean I know Citi is in limbo financially but what is the purpose of strong arming good customers??

  2. christie says:

    I had the same experience with Citibank when I called to have my APR of 13.99%!!! reduced. They told me it was the lowest they could get it down to for my particular card. I asked why. Their response was that there is no particular answer but that it just fluctuates with prime. I told them I have several other cards with lower rates and I’ve even been offered various Citicards with lower rates or lower balance transfer rates. I asked to be forwarded to someone who could explain, in full, the reasoning behind their APR formula. I was transfered to yes, an “Account Specialist ” who miraculously “finagled” a lower rate of 9.99%. I will be looking out for any mail that raises this APR but basically, don’t believe anything any credit card company tells you. They can lower it. And if you are persistent, they will.