What Google Should Do Next

May 31, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Analyics in bed with adsenseMuch of my web experience and blogging information comes to my through Google in one way or another. I currently use Google reader to pour through loads of RSS feeds, Gmail to handle my email, Google Adsense to monetize my writing, and Google Analytics to track my website statistics. While overall the experience is good, there are several steps which could really ramp up the whole experience.

One of the best improvements which Google could make is to better integrate Adsense and Analytics. Currently the two applications are linked in manner that lets site owners track how Adsense words they have purchased drive traffic to their site. This works well if you are trying to birng in visitors through Adwords but Google analytics is severely lacking in ways to track the value of your site through advertising.

Google should mash up the reporting from Analytics with the earning reports from Adsense. In doing so they could allow site owners to determine and track which ad keywords are getting the most clicks from thier current audience. This would also allow site owners to view the posts which bring in the most clicks and ad revenue in order to make decisions about future content.

I would be ecstatic if I could view my most popular posts, search engine keywords, and most monetized posts in one application in an easily understandable format. Google, under appreciated programmers, anyone…can you make this a reality?

Another feature Google can implement which is sorely lacking is a Search function in Google Reader. Sure you can go all DIY and add your own search to Google Reader but you need to update it each time you add a feed, which is horrid. Luckily Download Squad reports that Google may be adding a search function to the Google Reader soon.

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