Tuesday, March 20th, 2007...10:17 am

WTOL Update: Call Your Congressman

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I just got off the phone with a representative for WTOL’s Call for Action Center.  They gave me some advice and will check back next week to see what is happening.

My next step is to contact my congressman, Mike Oxley, and ask for his assistance.

After that I should involve a lawyer, to communicate with Sallie Mae.

I am going to be Calling Mike Oxley’s office this afternoon to try and get that ball rolling and We are going to try and have an attorney write a letter to Sallie Mae, either one Amber’s parents know or one who is a part of ABLE, which provides income based legal advice in the NW Ohio area.


  • The only thing loan companys did,including Sallie Mae, was put the USA into an collapse. I’ts called
    “The American Greed”. Not only students got screwed over with credit so did the loan companys and the Government. New York State is not happy as well.I’m glad Sallie Mae and other companys are been investigated by NYS, Government and everybody else.
    Any response I will reply to.Thank you

  • I am interested in doing what I can in assisting the case against Sallie Mae. Could anyone post information as to what individuals can do to help with this investigation? It is much appreciated.

  • hi
    I am upside down more than 300% of my original loan.
    chapter 13 can help stave off a lot and - fact is that the judge decides how much you give student loan borrowers and they have to by federal law stop harassing. make sure you know the brunner v. ny state of higher ed case to see if you even meet hardship. you’d be surprised how that tier will change now with this new economy. you can win in that way faster - there is a fixed % allowed for you to live…very fair comparatively than trying to get them to reduce your payments. the price for reducing with forebearance and deferrment is too high.

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