Saturday, March 24th, 2007...11:20 pm

Sallie Mae Donates 1 Million To Encourage Students to Go To College

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Sallie Mae recently pledged 1 million towards programs and agencies in Texas to increase college attendance in the state. They will partner with various groups to give grants and scholarships to students in order to boost college attendance.

This is great and all however, 1 million won’t put many students through school without leaving a gap which will need to be made up for with loans, and who will be there to rob these kids blind with thier uncaring enterprise funded by your tax dollars? Sallie Mae will! 1 million is a lot for myself and for most of you, however when you pay your CEO 3.3 million I would think you could scrap up a few more dollars to endow a program in Texas. The problem is the more Sallie Mae covers the less students need toborrow from them. Essentially this “donation” is advertising with a Tax Break.

Nice try Sallie, but too little…too late!

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