This blog is to detail the year long process I have endured in trying to consolidate my wife’s federal loans (may be noted in the future as “my loan”) away from Sallie Mae.  I am starting as I start he new year (2007) even though the beginning of this ordeal can be traced back to when I began to consolidate our loans after our graduation in 2005.  The loans at Sallie Mae were to be included in the Federal Consolidation through a Request to Add Loans to a Federal Consolidation Form  dated 1/26/2006.  Through the next few days I will be detailing the arduous process as well as sharing information about loan companies based on my personal experience.

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I am available for Phone or Video Interviews as well.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to share your loan story whether it is a horror story or a fairy tale and I will share my experiences.