Wednesday, March 21st, 2007...4:52 pm

Yet Another Call to Sallie Mae

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After talking with a Lawyer who thinks Sallie Mae is trying to hold our loans captive, he asked for us to call Sallie Mae and request the payoff amounts in order to pass them along to Wells Fargo and AES via him.

Amber called Sallie Mae tonite with much dismay and spoke to Ken.  He said that we should be recieving 2 letters in the next 7-10 days one with the payoff amounts for our federal loans and one with payoff amounts for our private loans.  God help us if someone at Sallie Mae has forgotten how to stamp an envelope.


  • Most of Sallie Mae’s staff are less than competent! Instead of calling their normal numbers, call their complaint department and talk to a real live person who is trying to keep the company from getting sued yet again this year! In addition – actually this would be my first step after years of trying to get somewhere calling them – send your request Certified Mail to the below address. Hehe – that seems to get them jumping and actually doing what you ask and the law requires them to do.

    Customer Advocate Unit
    P. O. Box 4200
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-4200
    (888) 545-4199

  • Sallie Mae has been debiting my account for 8 months now for a student loan and I just found out that the money has not been going towards the loan. No one has been able to help. I have already made about 12 phone calls to try to get this straightened out. Suggestions?

  • Ha Good Luck- My attorney called Sallie-Mae last week, because I got a loan for $9,000, five years ago, I have been paying my payments every month on time, I called for my total payoff, and it was yet again $9,000, how in the world is that even possible. I am paying double my loan amount not just a little over. It’s Crazy and Sallie Mae is a huge RIPOFF…

  • I consolidated all of my loans with Sallie Mae and discovered that they somehow duplicated those loans. I owe a rediculous total of $119,000. My tuition was $2,500 each semester for 4 years. They charged me $50,000 in interest. I complained to the advocate email and demanded copies of my promisory notes and signed loan checks. They only mailed me the promisory notes. I will complain one last time before I get an accountant and lawyer to look over all of this before I begin legal action. I will also contact 60 minutes and any other news organization that will bring attention to this rediculous, mismanaged, company.

  • I got a school loan from Sallie Mae 4 years ago, I have not missed 1 payment. The original loan amount was 21,000 at 7% interest. I always try to pay a little extra, I have paid about 8,000 so far and after 4 years i now owe 24,000. It actually says the principle is 24,000. How does principle go up? Trying to figure out what to do about this. When i call Sallie Mae I get some one i can not understand very well avoid answering any question directly.

  • @jason
    you probably took out a signature loan that deferred the payments of interest.
    21000 x .07 x 4 (if the payments were deferred for 4 years) = 5880
    the interest that is deferred is then capitalized, which means they are added to principal. so, principal can go up.

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