HP tx2000 Currently Being Built for Josh

March 2, 2008 by Josh · 4 Comments
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Friday nite I decided to pick up the HP tx2000 which is a tablet PC from HP.  If you have been following my Twitter Feed or reading along you may have noticed I have been looking for a new laptop for the past month.  I have been torn between an EEE pc, HP tx2000, Macbook, and the HP UMPC 2133.  I settled on the HP tx2000 due to the decent 12.1″ screen which is paired with an active and passive digitizer.

The tipping point was the review of the HP tx2000 on HardwareGeeks.com where the HP tx2000 won their “HardWare Geeks Editors’ Choice Gold Award“.  Of all the reviews I have read this one covered the most important points to me and offered a fair amount of critique in the review.  The review also focuses on the buttons available in the tablet mode which none of the other reviews touched on in as much depth.

I cannot wait to get mine!  HP has a sick sense of humor in that they are sending my extra battery to me on this Tuesday though I won’t have the tablet until the following week!

While I wait for the tablet  to arrive I am reading through the archives of jkOnTheRun and some other tablet specific blogs to get up and running with the knowledge specific to tablets.  I am planning a roundup once I get enough information, it will be something of a primer for a Tablet PC.  This may be delayed until shortly after the tablet arrives so that I can try out each of the tips.

Finally you can currently snag the HP tx2000 for $400 off with the coupon code NB0400 through March 9th.  If you are a discover card holder you can also get 5% cash back on the purchase.   Thanks to goes to Hardware geeks for the review and the coupon code.