Sprint SERO Deals and Ohio Coverage Updates

July 9, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Sprint has some great deals available from their employee and friend program which is available to pretty much anyone. The program is known as SERO and you can sign up online at the SERO site. If you enter the email address [email protected] as the referral address you will gain access to the deals on monthly plans and on handsets including the new Mogul for $289.99! The deal is only valid to new Sprint customers and you can port over your number so long as it isn’t currently with sprint. The plans are insanely cheap.

You can’t have a family plan in the SERO pricing but depending on your current carrier and needs it may be cheaper with 2 SERO accounts. The accounts also come with 7PM nights and Weekends.

With this great deal, I have been checking into the local coverage in Northwest Ohio. One problem with Sprint right now is that this areas is still loosely defined as a Nextel region and isn’t available for this deal. If you live in an area without coverage, search for a large city nearby. This zipcode is your area of frequent usage, not your home zip code, for my purposes I chose 43601 the zip for Toledo, OH. I talked to a knowledgable Sprint rep att hte local store who is anticipating EVDO coverage in the Findlay, OH region for Sprint by the end of the calender year. It is surprising how behind the game Sprint is in a nationwide rollout of highspeed data coverage, especially considering Alltel is ahead of them with coverage similar to Verizon’s. If Sprint can get the rollout going soon these SERO deals could gain them a lot of subscribers in more rural areas, and more subscribers on their full price plans.

Stay Tuned for a comparison of EVDO coverage in the near future.

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