It’s Like Cinnamon Gum With A Radar Detector

September 19, 2007 by Josh · 1 Comment
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First off I am a Buzz Agent, this means occasionally companies will share samples of new products with me in order to generate buzz or word of mouth advertising about their product. The latest item I received was from Wrigley and it included samples of their new gum, “5 Gum“, which rocks.

I haven’t had a chance to share and try all of the 3 flavors yet but I have tried Rain and Flare and they rock! Tonite we had dinner with my parents and my mom already had the flare flavor as she is a big fan of cinnamon flavored gum. I took a piece to give it a try expecting to be overcome with the cinnamon flavor like other cinnamon gums I have tried. I ussually spit those out in a few minutes as they are just to spicy. The Flare flavor of 5gum reminded me of a car with a radar detector flying down the highway and just in time, “beep squawk beep”, the gum drops down to the speed limit. Don’t take this wrong the gum has a great kick and it lasts a long time, but it stops right where it should. I don’t normally get excited about gum but so far the 5 gum line has got me pumped.

I received a few Buy One Get One Free coupons with my sampler. I am handing out a few to friends and co workers but if anyone wants one leave a comment and I’ll pick a random one and send you out the coupon.

*I am not paid to post this, I did receive a free product but I am only posting this because I am blown away by it.


One Response to “It’s Like Cinnamon Gum With A Radar Detector”
  1. pavlovscat says:

    I just tried the Flare. I love hot cinnamon, the hotter the better, so at first I was disappointed because the cinnamon isn’t very fiery. However, 45 minutes later, I was still chewing the same single stick and the flavor was still strong. I have never had a cinnamon gum keep its flavor like this one. I will be chewing lots more! The sustained flavor level provided a gentle tingle on my tongue until I was ready to stop chewing.