Trillian Astra Is Released!

April 1, 2008 by Josh · 9 Comments
Filed under: Tech 

This morning Cerulean studios announced that Astra the next iteration of Trillian’s popular instant messaging program has been released!  This is roughly 2 years after Trillian Astra was first announced.  Trillian had recently been relegated to the same vaporware status of Duke Nukem Forever but in a move to prove critics wrong they have chosen today the 4 year anniversary of Google’s Gmail unveiling to announce Trillian Astra, brought to you by Google free of charge!

I have been waiting for Trillian which has inking support for tablet use for quite some time and had not been able to get in to the beta but now I can enjoy the full version for free.  I caught this news tidbit when a draft posting on the Trillian blog was made public last nite!  The mistake was quickly corrected but Google has made the announcement and Astra is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and a web interface.  One really cool aspect of the partnership is that the chat logs will be indexed in Gmail for anyone you are a contact with and searchable through Gmail or the web interface!  This feature can be turned off but it will undoubtedly be a great benefit for pulling up a meeting time, address, or lost weblink.  What are you waiting for?  Go download Trillian Astra now.