Watchmen and Plague Year

July 27, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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When I haven’t been writing over at WalletPop about anything from pornography being a lagging indicator of the economy to the minimum wage increase I have been reading Watchmen. Watchmen is the graphic novel which the movie of the same name is coming out in 2009. I am about 2/3 of the way through and it is really starting to get interesting. I am enjoying both the art and the weaving of tales into the storyline. You can pick a copy up at your local bookstore or grab Watchmen from

I am also looking forward to picking up Plague Year by Jeff Carlson a cool near future thriller involving nanotech which replicates by way of living organisms. You can check out the first chapter on Jeff Carlson’s site. The sequel to Plague Year just came out and is called Plague War. Jeff Carlson has made an entertaining book trailer which get me in the mood to check out the series.

Now Blogging at

April 12, 2008 by Josh · 1 Comment
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I’m excited to announce that I am now blogging at WalletPop a personal finance blog with attitude and humor. Don’t expect a boring article about why your 401k is more important than your morning latte here. Expect us to rock your caffeinated socks off with reasons you should be contributing to your 401k but also pointing out new ways you can still get your morning jolt. The blog has a diverse group of authors including the well known Dolan’s, a Tax Expert, Mortgage Man, Student Loan know it all, Attitude packing former academics and more. If I didn’t mention someone else on the blogging team my apologies I am still getting to know you all.

You should head over and check out Josh Smith’s latest postings at WalletPop and then hit the front page to see what the whole site is about. As one of my friend’s put it, “It was surprisingly REALLY good…..more helpful than I thought it’d be!”.  Thanks for that vote of confidence Liz, I think there is a  complement hidden in there somewhere.

I’ll still be blogging here with loads of game, tech and mobile computing items but anything relating to consumer issues or personal finance will be posted on WalletPop.