Cool Windows Mobile apps to ease iPhone envy

July 16, 2008 by Josh · 4 Comments
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After playing around with Tobias Buckell’s iPhone, rocking the 2.0 firmware update, over lunch I decided I needed to find some cool new applications for my Samsung i760 which I had just upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1. I found 4 cool programs which help me feel like I can at least wait for the third generation iPhone.

  • Tiny Twitter - A Twitter client for Windows mobile which provides some excellent features and a nice user interface. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to let you check out a time line from an @Josh_Smith or click on links which have been tweeted.
  • AIM for Windows Mobile - Currently out in beta the new incarnation of AIM for Windows mobile is leaps and bounds ahead of previous offerings and unlike its many competitors it is free. The design, interface and usability are all elegant.
  • Skyfire - This internet browser is leaps ahead of the other mobile competitors despite being in private beta a the moment. You can sign up to get access in the next wave of the beta. I highly recommend you check this out. Though depending on Opera Mobile 9.5, I may have to change my browser, we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Mobipocket - This is an excellent ebook reader with a really cool store integration and guess what! You can’t get MobiPocket on the iPhone yet so feel free to give your iPhone toting friends a ” nener nener nener”, the next time you see them.

There you have it, my favorite new WM apps which will at least provide some help to avoid the iPhone jealousy!


4 Responses to “Cool Windows Mobile apps to ease iPhone envy”
  1. Kevn Cawley says:

    Thanks for taking a look at Tiny Twitter Josh… you can actually view a user’s timeline (it’s one of the menu options from Menu in the timeline view).

    Links work too, but admittedly a little funky. I replace all links w/ a numbered bookmark (like so [1]) to reduce space. If a tweet has a link(s) just hit the proper number on your keypad and it’ll fire up your default browser. The links are also accessible from the Menu for devices w/o a handy keypad.


  2. Josh says:

    @Kevn Cawley: Thanks for the links info, I was curious about why some tweets had 1s in them!.

    I found that I guess what I am looking for is when someone I follow, @’s someone else and I want to see the time line of the person they @ in case I want to follow them. I don’t know if the Twitter API even allows that and it may get messy on a mobile device anyway.

    I love the experience it blows SMS out of the water!

    Any chance you’ll be integrating a tinyurl or snipr link converter in the future?

  3. mookie says:

    if you like tiny twitter, you should really check out pocketwit ( much cooler (and better) ui than tiny twitter and runs great with touchscreen phones.

  4. Josh says:

    Wow Pocketwit is nice!

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