Windows Mobile 6.1 is out for Samsung i760

July 15, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Despite missing the end of June deadline leaked on a PowerPoint last month Samsung has made good on its rumored update to the Samsung SCH-i760 on Verizon’s network. The Windows Mobile 6.1 update files are currently available on Samsung’s site for users on Xp or Vista who wish to upgrade.

UPDATE - Mirrored files on Rapidshare if Samsung links go down.

The files were found by Zachman123 on where many users are reporting success in upgrading. Unfortunately some users have had issues leaving 2 bricked phones by my count and a several users reporting the need to run the update twice.

WM 6.1 doesn’t fix all of the bluetooth issues that have plagued the device but does bring threaded SMS and other items noted below as summarized by djlactose @

  1. Bluetooth Pairing is automatic doesn’t ask for a passcode (unless you have a custom on set)
  2. Customer Feedback to send usage data back to microsoft
  3. Getting Started directions added instead of help
  4. Remote Desktop Mobile included by default
  5. Task Manager changes to show CPU usage and it appears to show all running processes not just programs
  6. OneNOte Mobile added to the Office Mobile Programs
  7. Automatic detection of Exchange Server Settings
  8. Overall Performance seems to have improved a bit, a lot less waiting for programs to open (this may just be due to the reset of my device, but I have done the reset before and I could sware it took me longer in the past to reload everything)
  9. Text message threading with Spell Checker
  10. Managed programs added
  11. Bluetooth issue when in call corrected
  12. Domin enrollment
  13. Vpn connections now work without wifi
  14. Wifi search for networks will now list all networks within range
  15. Defalt signicure of Sent from my Windows Mobile® phone.
  16. You can switch to view processes in task manger

I installed the update and even though it took 2 computers and a few tries to get the update to run I was able to get it up and running. So far I am enjoying the update even though the changes

Verizon releasing Windows Mobile 6.1 for Samsung i760

June 5, 2008 by Josh · 1 Comment
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If you can believe a leaked set of PowerPoint slides from Verizon, they are set to update the operating system on the Samsung SCH-i760 to WM 6.1. I currently own the phone and I am happy with the overall package but I am getting close to the need for a hard reset as well as something shiny to play with. The Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade will bring about both of those for me.

If you want to know what new features WM 6.1 brings to the table check out this handy comparison chart of Windows Mobile features from Microsoft. Unfortunately Verizon may decide to rip out any really cool features but that is the price you pay for going with the big red checkmark of the cell phone industry!

Samsung SCH-i760 Released and On The Way

October 20, 2007 by Josh · 3 Comments
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Friday morning welcomed the release of the Samsung SCH-i760 which I have been coveting for the past year. The Windows Mobile 6 phone includes a 1.3 MP camera and a landscape sliding keyboard. The i760 also packs in Wifi and EVDO into a package just about half as thick as my current i730. You can find out more information about the Samsung SCH-i760 on my resource page.

I ordered mine on Friday morning for $99 plus tax. This is down from the retail price of $519. A two year agreement will drop the price to $399 and if you can use your New Every 2 and the online discount the price is dropped to $199. Take note that some users are having trouble getting the NE2 and Online Discount to combine! If you are a user of Verizon’s data package you can get the ADD discount dropping the phone to $99. You may or may not be able to use the mail in rebate to get your price down to $49 for a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone.

Samsung SCH-i760 on Verizon Wireless

Samsung SCH-i760 gets Dated..Agian

October 7, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Well after following the Samsung SCH-i760 scene for 9-10 months now and sitting through so many dates we could be considered a couple, a real date is surfacing in many locations.  At this point it is still a rumor but October 19th looks to be the release date for B2B and internet sales of the SCH-i760.  This date has been kicked around the Samsung i760 rumor thread, which was so long it had to be split into two threads, for the last week.

This has also been supplemented be a posting of more Verizon Phone release dates on the Boy Genius Reports.  The list has the i760 at the bottom slated for October 19th and even includes Verizon’s “iPhone killer” due out November 18th.

If you need to whet your appetite more head over to sixftunda’s blog where he has been covering the 760 in great detail after he picked one up during the early release last month. His postings include reviews, accessories, battery life, and some software information.  I am quite jealous of him.

Style Guide for Verizon’s “Test Man”

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You can’t willy nilly put together one of the most annoying company mascots in advertising today. No, that takes skill, determination, research, customer research, customer studies, focus groups. Wait unless your Verizon, then all it takes is a style guide. The Style guide for the “Test Man” is humourous and sad at the same time. Come to think of it “Test Man” sounds so beta, maybe even alpha, as if the good ol’ V would replace us users if the “Test Man” pans out!

The consumerist has the whole style guide but I have hand picked some of my favorites.

  • He line should always be used in its entirety. No partial line and no use of “Can you hear me now?” without “Good!” to follow.
    • Well of course he won’t say bad but can’t we throw in a Great! now and then?
  • “Can you hear me now? Good!” can only be used to represent Test Man and his testing of our Network. It cannot be associated with any other activity.
    • Why am I envisioning the “Test Man” re-enacting Lumberg’s sex scene from Office Space?
  • Locations and situations should be varied when possible, including interior and exterior scenes. He should not appear in any location where you have not confirmed coverage. A location that is remote in nature (i.e. a desert) needs to be approved by HQ legal council before use. Also, Test Man should appear in geography that doesn’t necessarily represents your Area in order to give further credibility to the fact that he tests our network Nationwide.
  • “Test Man” cannot appear in any activity where he is not testing the network (i.e. sitting in a hot tub)
    • How’s “Test Man” supposed to get any ladies? “I got the biggest network” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Finally I thoroughly enjoyed the “Test Man” descriptors below.

Test man is:

25-35 years old
The embodiment of Verizon Wireless employees
Relentless in his mission
Every day guy
A bit quirky
A little obsessive and compulsive
Likeable character
Appealing to all ethnicities

Test Man is not:

Easily distracted
Too “pretty”

Well Verizon, you are quirky and relentless, but it seems you are also annoying, aloof, stupid and too focused on being “pretty”.

Photo: Jeff Veen

Samsung i760 starts trickling out at Verizon

September 13, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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The PdaPhoneHome forum is up and down right now but several users have been able to purchase and receive the Samsung SCH i760.  It looks like they are getting the device at a few prices but the common one is below.
-$100 NE2
-$100 ADD
$299 and an additional $50 Mail in Rebate.

Video of the device.

You can check the forum out here if it is up.

3D View of Verizon Branded Samsung i760

July 10, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Samsung i760 flash captureYesterday had some biggish news for the Samsung SCH-i760 on both Howardforums and PDAphonehome.  A user on Howard Forum found a 3D flash file of the Samsung i760 on Verizon’s site much like those you can view for other Verizon phones.  You can check out the picture, or view the 3D view of the Samsung i760 yourself.

Another user found an entry for the i760 on Samsung’s site with a link to the default Samsung software, all pointing towards a release in the near future. Samsung i760 software.

If you look at the image to the right you will see a Get Applications section.  This is likely the reason for the delay, as Verizon has added Get it Now and VCast services to the 760.  This could be a great addition or a boon depending on the implementation and whether users can remove the option if they so desire.

Many of the other posters are confirming that we should have some solid news or a release by July 20th, though this is still a rumor right now.

Stay tuned for the latest consolidation of updates from theInternet specifically HowardForums and PDAPhoneHome,

More Samsung i760 Rumors

July 8, 2007 by Josh · 5 Comments
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The Samsung i760 which is supposed to hit Verizon’s shelves sometime yet this year(hopefully yet this month) has been an object of obsession for me for close to 6 months now. The latest bit of info I have found is a rumor at best but since it is a exciting one I will share it. A HowardForums user reported that on 7/7/07 he spoke to a in store rep who had been trained on the 760 and advised him to wait as it would be out shortly for $299 with a 2 year agreement.

I told the Rep that I was just sick of waiting on the phone I really want, he asked which one is that, and I told him the I760, and I kid you not - he lit up like a Christmas Tree. He stated that if the I760 is what I want, I should wait because it’ll be out “very shortly”. I asked him to elaborate and he said that a Rep had come in w/the actual device to train them - I’m sorry everybody, he was extremely vague w/ any info on a release date, but said that I definitely did not want to buy the Chocolate and to just hold out a bit longer. He also said the I760 is a great device and that he loved it too.

Additionally, I inquired about the price for the I760, he indicated $299/2yr!

This rumor holds some credibility in my mind because it is not very often a rep will push off a sale today for a later sale that he won’t likely gain any credit for.  The price is lower than I expected Verizon to debut the 760 at but would make since in my opinion due to the incremental upgrades it brings to the i730.  Here’s to hoping it gets released soon.

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