Don’t Enter 1408, But Watch It!

October 21, 2007 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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Amber and I just finished watching 1408.  This movie starring John Cusack is amazing.  This movie simultaneously earns two awards from me.  1408 ranks in my top 20 movies (top 5 scary movies if you are counting) and Movie I never want to see again.

1408 is one of the freakiest movies I have seen…ever.  The screenplay, adapted from a short story by Stephen King does a marvelous job of taking you places you don’t see coming again and again.  The move eschews the standard “pop goes the weasel” scare moments horror and scary movies have turned to recently for invoking genuine fear.

Thankfully the movie includes some “lighter” moments when viewers can laugh at the dark, dark humor.  You should watch this movie…with other people…in the day….with a nice unicorn chaser.

Check Out the Master Chief Legos

May 4, 2007 by Josh · 7 Comments
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So officially they are Kubricks, but they look sweet. 4 of these in various colors including active camo run $18 through an importer such as Comics Infinity. These look pretty slick and would make a fine addition to any office or dorm desk.

The Halo 2 Blanket

December 25, 2005 by Josh · 2 Comments
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Christmas time has come and Amber has gone above and beyond raising the bar for wives and women across the nation.

Amber spent the past month and a half making me a Master Chief Blanket. The blanket is freakin’ Amazing. Photos cannot really do it justice. I present the one of a kind Halo 2 blanket, in fact most likely the worlds first. Bungie, Wanna come over and play a round and sign the blanket?

Check out the blanket:

Halo 2 Blanket

And the Unveiling:

The Halo 2 Blanket

Check out more pics of the building process on Flickr HERE

PS Amber plays Halo and has recently hit her first Killing Spree!

The Master Chief figure started as the MC in the instruction booklet that shipped with the Halo 2 LE, and was transformed into a 3 foot Master chief