Free Jumper Comic Preview

January 21, 2008 by Josh · Leave a Comment
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I have been looking forward to Jumper which comes to theatres on Valentines day 2008. Jumper is about an individual who finds out he has a special genetic trait allowing him to teleport.  He is then forced to deal with a battle between the Jumpers and a “company” who is out to kill all of them.

Jumper is based off of a novel and the movie has a comic book coming out too!  The comic book has a free preview right now from ONI.

Free 23 page preview of Jumper the comic book.

via Boing Boing

Hilarious Personalized Handwriting Analysis Video

January 14, 2008 by Josh · 2 Comments
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I was checking out (pronounced Tool) today after using one of their pens at a meeting the other day and found the Graphological testing lab to be entertaining and funny. The man you see above must have studied under John Hodgeman because he nails Hodgeman’s deadpan humor all while delivering a sometimes scathing analysis of your handwriting based on a multiple choice choice test and a writing sample. You should definitely choose an unfinished ‘y’ in a second test if it isn’t your normal style.

I gotta get to an OfficeMax soon to get a Tul pen, unless Tul decides to send me one free… Provides Free Fax Service

December 4, 2007 by Josh · 1 Comment
Filed under: Deals, Tech provider of online storage is now offering free fax service through your account.  The fax service is provided through, a provider of email fax services.  Unlike many offers of free faxing you may come across online this is a truly free service.  This partnership is made possible by the Open Box Services feature provided by and is one of many services available on to maximize usefulness of your files.

Faxing through is fairly straightforward, you only need an account which includes 1 GB of free storage  and a scanner or in some cases just a document.  The eFax service does not provide a way to receive faxes but if you are like me, the extent of your faxing needs are tied to faxing information to companies who haven’t quite accepted the use of email and attachments in that you send more than you receive.

After you have the file on your PC through scanning, creating a pdf or saving a Microsoft Office file in the 97-03 format you simply need to upload the file to your box online.  Once the file is online clicking the drop down arrow on the file will give you an option to send with eFax. Bam you’ve just sent a fax for free!  If you are often sending faxes to various companies this service could be a great way to save money on your monthly budget and add some convenience to the process. I plan on using the service frequently as I deal with Student Loan companies and car dealerships which seem to be wary of this newfangled email fad.  I am estimating that this service should save me between $20 and $50 over the course of the next year for faxes.

Spirit of Texas Salsa Rocks!

October 16, 2007 by Josh · 1 Comment
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You may have noticed the addition of a sponsor to the site shortly after the redesign went live. Spirit of Texas Salsa Company based out of Texas is a new advertiser and in lue of the first payment I asked for a case of salsa. I don’t think I have mentioned it here before but not much compares to delicious salsa and some salty tortilla chips.

I tried the Mild, Medium, and Hot flavors from Spirit of Texas Salsa Company and I would have to say my personal favorite is the medium with Hot in a close second. The medium has a great range of flavors including just the right amount of cilantro. All of the flavors have a great consistency which sits somewhere between the “chunky” you find in the national brands and the more pureed version of salsa that is common in local Mexican restaurants. The mild has good flavor but lacks enough kick for me.

I shared the Medium and the Hot with my classmates tonite and everyone enjoyed the flavor and the Hot became a challenge for a few. I think if the hot could be a little bit less hot or the medium was bumped up just a little I would have the perfect blend. The bump in heat could come form either some more black pepper This is easily rmedied for my personal taste by dropping some hot into the medium!

Right now you can get the Salsa in select stores in many Southern states and online by visiting their gourmet food store or clicking the link in the right sidebar. I am hoping I can talk the local supermarket into carrying the salsa since it looks like I will run out quickly. If you work for Fresh Encounters in Findlay, OH or know who to reach to get a product on the shelf let me know.

As of today October 16, they are running a special in that you can get a free jar of salsa by paying the $5.00 shipping which is a steal for salsa this good.